Bones of Betrayal

Bones of Betrayal Tour of Oak Ridge

Part I

The Alexander Inn – where the first body was found
Located up the hill from Historic Jackson Square, just off Kentucky Avenue
The Alexander Inn was originally called “The Guesthouse,” and was the only hotel in Oak Ridge during the War Years.
Greats such as General Groves and Robert Oppenheimer stayed at this hotel, as did John F. Kennedy when he visited as a senator.

Chapel on the Hill – where funeral was held
Located behind the Alexander Inn, just off Kentucky Avenue
The Chapel on the Hill is now home to the Church. During the War Years, every denomination worshiped here at different hours, and numerous weddings were performed here

Georgia Avenue – where Novak lived (many original “alphabet houses” still remain in this area)
Located off the Oak Ridge Turnpike at Traffic Light #2 The “alphabet houses” are so named because of how they are built. The smallest, or “A” house, is a one bedroom, one bath. The next, is a “B” house, with 2 bedrooms and one bath. And the alphabet moves on from there, all the way to an “U” which is a duplex, and a “E” which was a multi-family house or a “four-plex.”

Brockton’s Historic Tour of Oak Ridge included:

Part II

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